Wanna Start a YouTube Comparison Video Channel Like WatchData And Earn Money?

The Comparison Video Generator Will Help You Make Comparison Videos 10X FASTER!

  • These videos are easy to make and you will never run out of ideas. You can compare everything in the Universe!
  • There are millions of viewers who are willing to watch these videos!
  • YouTube is willing to pay you A LOT! For example, some channels earn at least $6,500 a month!
  • According to socialblade.com, WatchData channel earns between $7,500 – $120,400 a month!
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Take Advantage of YouTube
To Grow Your Business

In the last couple of months, the comparison videos are blowing up the Internet, because they are…

  • Easy to make
  • Watched by millions
  • Already proven to work (see Watchdata channel)
  • Easy to monetize
  • Never run out of ideas


The Comparison Video Maker

A system designed to teach you how to make comparison videos like the ones from WatchData and Infinite Comparison YouTube channels and unlock your earnings potential like a badass.

  • Video guide

The system comes with step by step video lessons that will teach you all about creating the comparison videos.

  • One click data collector

The system comes with a Chrome extension that will collect all the data needed for your video in 1-2 minutes.

  • Automation

The system comes with pre-built templates that will help you make the videos 10X faster using automation.

  • Go viral

See what topics are working and create more videos on that topic to get millions of views.

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Here’s exactly what you’ll learn

No matter where you get stuck – just come back and refer to the videos. You’ll start learning all the details about creating these videos and start making money with YouTube.

  • Lesson 1 – Overview
  • Lesson 2 – How to collect the data
  • Lesson 3 – Where to find high-quality non-copyrighted music/icons
  • Lesson 4 – How to make a comparison video

Meet the People Who Got Incredible Results

Real Results from Our Satisfied Worldwide Customers

“I highly recommend It!”

“This product is very good, easy to understand even for me as a beginner. I highly recommend it because you will be able to make comparison videos easily and quickly.”

Josua (Indonesia)

“So grateful for this!”

“Wow, the data collector is amazing, literally getting the content with one click! Highly recommended if you want to automate your work.
Excellent job, well done!”

Luiz (Brazil)

“Finally got clarity!”

“The best comparison video system on the market. Very easy and in-depth tutorial video. If you want a very uncomplicated system without headaches look no further!

Terrance (United States)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Maximum 50 cards supported!

The system is designed to work with a maximum of 50 cards, like WatchData channel.

Do I need a special software?

Yes, the system works best with Adobe CC 2022, 2021 and 2020 (Premiere Pro, Media Encoder, Photoshop) and Microsoft Excel, on both Windows and MacOS. I show how to get them for free in the readme file.

Can I make unlimited videos?

Yes. You can generate unlimited videos using this system.

How long will it take to make one video?

It can take 30 min – 1 hour, depending on the choosen topic and the personal edits that you can do, as shown in the video guide.

Is it a programming script? I have no knowledge how to run script/code…

You don’t need any knowledge, just follow the steps I present in the included video guide.

Can I sell or giveaway to others?

You can use it for your own unlimitedly. If you want to use the system to create videos for your clients, contact us and we can talk.

What to do if I get stuck?

If you need my help, you can always contact me any time and I will help you solve your problem.

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